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Liberian West Point Slum Residents Riot In Latest Ebola Controversy

Residents living in the West Point district in Monrovia, Liberia, have set-off a revolt, that was put down by military officials, following a controversial government policy that seals-off where they live. It is a desperate Liberian government effort to stem the spread of the Ebola virus. The riots began when a commissioner was allowed to leave the district with her family, while the rest of them were not.

Young men, mostly teenagers numbering in the hundreds, took matters into their own hands and revolted against the government tactic by throwing rocks, and other debris at police and military personnel, who tried to keep them quarantined.


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BREAKING: Truce talks collapse as rocket fire, Gaza strikes resume

(Source: humanrightswatch)

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Oil and Erbil



Why is the U.S. dropping bombs to defend the Kurdish city, two and a half years after American troops left Iraq? Steve Coll explains:

“Obama’s defense of Erbil is effectively the defense of an undeclared Kurdish oil state whose sources of geopolitical appeal—as a long-term, non-Russian supplier of oil and gas to Europe, for example—are best not spoken of in polite or naïve company.”

Photograph by Sebastian Meyer/Corbis.


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MONDAY - Eric Schlosser joins us to talk about his new book Command and Control, about the secret management and mismanagement of the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

Schlosser is also the author of Fast Food Nation.

This Last Week Tonight piece serves as a funny and informative primer for today’s interview (and features our guest). 

PS. Here’s our recent interview with John Oliver.

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